C-SPAN Crank Calls of the Day: C-Span has been fielding an unusually high number of prank phone calls lately, and they’re all about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s penis.

There have been three phallic calls so far, and it’s not clear whether the network has been hit by a team of pranksters, or just one person putting on various regional accents.

The first two calls led off with legitimate questions about factors affecting Romney’s chances in the election, before getting to the crux of the matter: “How large is Mitt Romney’s penis?”

The third started by asking what C-SPAN planned to do about the prank calls, and then suggested that Romney’s supporters are “voting for him because of his huge penis.”

In a statement to Romenesko, C-SPAN gave a real answer to the caller’s question — the one about how the network plans to address prank calls, that is:

C-SPAN has been televising call-in programs for more than 30 years now. In an average year, we might televise 38,000 calls, the overwhelming majority of which are respectful. Although it is unpleasant to hear the occasional prank caller make it to air, as a few have this week, we have thus far opted not to employ a delay in order to preserve the open nature of our town hall forum. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Romenesko reports that C-Span considered implementing a 5-second delay as an anti-prank measure as far back as 2004.

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